Training Opportunities


Training Opportunities

Training is an inherent part of our mission at the Center for Infectious Disease Research, as we strive to educate the next generation of infectious disease researchers and informed global health citizens. Our scientists are the best and brightest researchers in their own rights, but they’re also teachers at heart, giving generously of their time and knowledge to prepare others to follow in their footsteps.

Work Study Opportunities

The Center offers a variety of work-study opportunities for college students to gain valuable work experience. Applicants to all work-study positions must have Washington State work-study eligibility as a part of their college or university financial aid package. Most positions require minimal experience and students will gain knowledge and skills required to do their jobs.

Undergraduate Student Internships

Undergraduate internships are offered on a case-by-case basis to current undergraduate students. Please email us at for inquiries on internship opportunities. 

High School Student Opportunities

What better way to encourage a career in science than to start at an early age? For several years, the Center’s highly regarded BioQuest science education program has steadily grown, now reaching over 2,000 high school students and their teachers each year. Students from the Northwest get an opportunity to enjoy hands-on science, peering over the shoulders of world-class infectious disease researchers. The program offers several opportunities including site visits, a summer academy, teacher workshops and student internships.


Highly competitive, scientific fellowships recognize and support exceptional student and postdoctoral researchers in particular projects and fields of study. The Center is home to numerous fellows who have received these prized training awards.

Visiting Scientist Arrangements

The Center’s well-established visiting scientist program is open to professionals wishing to learn or share new research skills in a specific area. Short-term visiting scientists are typically involved in a collaborative research project with partner schools or organizations and stay at the Center for several days or weeks. Those visiting on a longer-term basis stay at the Institute for several months, working on more in-depth projects.

Graduate Students

Through the Center’s long-standing affiliation with the University of Washington, as well as collaboration with other colleges and universities, select graduate students have the opportunity to perform their thesis work at the Center.

International Training Program

The scientists at the Center come from all around the globe, and many face the devastation of malaria or HIV/AIDS on a daily basis in pandemic countries. These researchers also train students throughout the world: the very people who will carry on our infectious disease research. Currently, there are scientists from more than a dozen countries training at the Center.