Career Development

Ph.D.-M.D. Association

The Ph.D.-M.D. Association (PMA) is a group at the Center for Infectious Disease Research whose aim is to provide networking, career-development and social opportunities for scientists who hold an advanced degree.

Career Development

The PMA hosts career-development workshops and seminars right here at the Center. These cover a variety of topics, such as alternative career paths or networking with Center alumni who work in the area. PMA members organize these events, so the topics are always timely and interesting.

Social Networking

And what do you do when you are done with your science for the day? The Center is located in South Lake Union, one of Seattle’s most vibrant and upcoming neighborhoods with everything you need to relax after work or during a break, such as plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Plus, Lake Union is only a few blocks away for a nice stroll in the sun watching sailboats and seaplanes. The PMA organizes regular happy hours to hang out with your fellow postdocs at neighborhood bars. In addition, we connect with postdoc associations from other Seattle institutions, like the Institute for Systems Biology, the Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle Children’s Research Institute and others, to give you the possibility to learn about all the exciting science being done in Seattle in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And, if this is not enough, you are invited to participate in the Center's social hour, featuring a different theme every month, where you can meet not only your fellow scientists but also all the other people at the Center.

Grant-writing Support

Grantsmanship Course

The Center for Infectious Disease Research, in conjunction with the University of Washington, offers a grantsmanship course every other year. It is held at the Center and is open to graduate students and postdocs. The course covers the following topics:

  • Types of grants
  • Considerations in framing and preparing a proposal
  • Typical criticisms of grant proposals and how to avoid them
  • The NIH scientific review process
  • How to respond to a critique

Administrative Support

Postdoctoral researchers applying for fellowships are given a high level of administrative support at the Center. A member of the grants office will help you get organized, set you up with a timeline for completing the relevant sections of the application, and serve as a first point of call for any questions about the application process. They will also submit your application online. Writing a grant has never been easier!