Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I applied for a position online and want to check the status of my submission.

We regret that we cannot respond personally to everyone who contacts us. If you don’t hear back from us and would like to inquire about the status of a particular position, please feel free to e-mail and include your contact information. A member of our Human Resources team will respond accordingly.

Q. I cannot remember my password. Can you help me?

If you do not recall the email address and or password used, please select either 'Forgot your password?' or 'Do not have a password?' link. If your email address is on file, we will send your existing or new login credentials to that email address.

Q. I just submitted my profile but need to make a correction. What should I do?

Under Employment Listings, click on Update Your Profile. You can log-in to your account to make changes to your profile and upload additional documents if needed.

Q. I applied online but would like to follow up with hard copies of my resume and cover letter. Where can I send these?

In order to manage our application data most effectively, we only consider applications submitted electronically.  However, if you experience technical difficulties and need assistance or have a disability that requires reasonable accommodation, please e-mail us at

Q. Does the Center for Infectious Disease Research have a visa program?

The Center attracts international talent and actively sponsors visa programs for foreign nationals. Should you be contacted by a member of our Human Resources team regarding a position you have applied for, please inquire about these programs and how they may apply to you.

Q. Does the Center for Infectious Disease Research have a volunteer program?

We are not seeking volunteers at this time.

Q. Does the Center for Infectious Disease Research have an internship program?

Our paid internship opportunities are generally posted under our employment listings. For unpaid internships or internships for credit through an educational institution (high school, college, or university), please email us at

Q. How do I find out about openings?

All current opportunities at the Center are listed under our employment listings. When a position closes, it will be removed from our website.

Q: How do I know if a position is still available?

If a job is currently posted on our employment listings website, we are still considering candidates and it is possible that you will be contacted. Once a position closes, it is removed from our website.

Q. How long does it take to be notified for an interview?

The timeline for each recruitment varies. As long as a position is posted on our website, it is possible that you will be asked to participate in an interview. 

Q: Does the Center for Infectious Disease Research provide relocation support for out-of-state or international employees? 

We may offer relocation support as part of your offer of employment. Please feel free to inquire about this further with a member of the Human Resources team during the recruitment process.